With ‘Royal Assent’ having been given in December 2011 to ‘The Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act’, as of August 1st 2012, the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) no longer had a single desk monopoly for the sale of wheat & barley for export. All grains and oilseeds are now on the open market and a grower is free to sell to anyone of their choice. As an organisation, the CWB remains in existence but now operates more like a large Co-op, as a competitor in the open market alongside other buyers.

In 2007, the ‘AgriInvest & AgriStability’ programs were implemented to assist agricultural producers in response to income declines. These programs, along with production insurance, now form the core of the business risk management scheme, with the costs being shared by the producer, federal, provincial, and territorial governments under the Agricultural Policy Framework.

This program will integrate stabilization and disaster protection into one, thereby hopefully helping producers safeguard their farming operations and cash flow from any significant drops in income, be it due to weather and/or market fluctuations.