Yearly sowing dates vary, but usually start about mid-April and finish in late May/early June, with growth normally fairly rapid. Most herbicide spraying is completed within a month after sowing, with the crops maturing within 90 to 110 days from sowing. Harvest typically begins about mid-August with the majority of the canola and early sown grain crops being swathed to speed up dry down and even ripening of the crop. More and more farmers are now changing to desiccating with glyphosate, subsequently direct cutting their grain and late maturing oilseed crops. The vast majority of the harvested crops are stored in on-farm steel grain bins, some of which will have aeration, but seldom is there a need to artificially heat-dry the crops. Historically, Manitoba farmers can expect a wet harvest every 7 to 10 years (grain at 17-18% moisture).