Hog farms can be found in most parts of the province, with the largest concentration located in the southeast, being mostly farrowing or finishing operations, with some of the larger units encompassing a complete farrow to finish enterprise. In the autumn of 1999, Maple Leaf Foods (an affiliate of Hillsdowne Holdings) opened a new ‘state of the art’ hog slaughter and processing plant in Brandon, Manitoba. When both kill lines are in full operation, they can process 90,000 hogs per week.

Large White, Landrace, and Yorkshire are the more popular breeds, with almost all of the modern units now disease free, some having closed herds.

Canada is the world’s largest pig exporter and the second largest pork exporter with Manitoba pork being renowned as having the highest index in Canada, with a large number of the hogs slaughtered weekly being sold to China & Japan.