Children start school at the age of five years in kindergarten and continue through grades 1 to 12 up to the age of around 18 years old. Children may leave school at the age of sixteen with parental consent.  Children living on a farm will be picked up daily by a school bus and delivered back home in the evening at no charge.  Canada has excellent universities, as well as community colleges which cover a wide range of academic subjects and trade training.  There are no university grants available, other than scholarships, but students are able to get a loan from a bank, repayable upon commencement of employment.  Full course programs costs per year start at about $5,000, plus room and board costs, which at the Brandon University campus costs around $8,000 per year for full board.  Books are an additional expense, and start at about $1,800 per year.

Community college costs for a trade, technical, or office course can range from $3,000 to $5,000 for tuition and a further $1,000 for books, fees, trips, etc.