The province has a health care system, funded by the provincial government, and everyone can apply for a medical number on arrival for permanent residency in the province, and is entitled to services from doctors, and specialists, with a percentage of pharma care costs refunded by the government.  Dental and optical treatments are not included.  The majority of small towns have well-equipped modern hospitals, with any major or special treatment available in Brandon or Winnipeg.

Cost of living is generally considered to be quite reasonable in Manitoba.

Many food prices are periodically reduced when the various supermarkets offer ‘specials’, thereby providing good savings.  It pays to shop around.  Many Canadians regularly ‘eat out’ in the wide range of restaurants, at almost half the cost of European restaurants.

Motor vehicles are quite a lot cheaper, with no annual road fund license.  Full insurance on a domestic family car would be around $1,400 per annum.  Most electrical items are also less expensive.  Gas costs $.99 per litre, and electricity is around $7.82 cents/Kwh.