I am a 28-year-old farmer from South Africa, and I am in the final process of immigrating to Canada, currently waiting for my Permanent Residency (PR) documents. My process started with the help of a fellow South African farmer, who provided me with information regarding Canadian farming.  In our discussions, he also provided me with the contact information for Kruger Henderson Immigration Services (KHIS). I first met Martie Kruger for the first time at a Stellenbosch seminar “Immigrating to Canada” in February 2016. I was hooked, and in June 2016 I was on my way to Manitoba, Canada for my exploration visit.

KHIS organised for me all the activities within Brandon to meet the required role players (banks, accountants, insurance etc.) for a successful immigration application and possible move. It would have been an uphill battle to arrange all the appointments on my own. At the end of my visit to Brandon, they stated all the challenges associated in moving to Canada.  It’s something I respected so much;  you also need to hear the challenges.

Four weeks after the exploration trip, I decided I wanted to take the opportunity, which may not always be there. I informed KHIS about my decision and asked them to assist me through the whole process. They know all the ins and outs of the forms (there are a lot) and the requirements. For me the biggest challenge was to do a business plan, but with the help and guidance of Lois Henderson (professional accountant) it was an easy task.   My documents met all the required objectives, first time, and I was nominated by the Province of Manitoba to go farm there. After the nomination, a deposit must be made into the Manitoba Government bank account, which sounds easy, but due to international banking regulations, required KHIS to facilitate this with my Canadian bank.

All though I am still waiting to complete the final few hurdles, I would recommend KHIS any day. They were very professional, trustworthy, and friendly, and always looked out for my best interest. They form a good team and can assist with almost anything, and if they can’t they will provide you with someone who can.

The process of immigration to Canada is made easy by KHIS.

F.P. du Toit

Southern Cape, South Africa

8 June 2017


June 2017

My name is Hettie Botha. We are from the Western Cape, South Africa. We made use of Kruger Henderson Immigration Services to help us with the application for our children at  Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College.

Martie Kruger and Lois Henderson are very professional, friendly and patient people. They always replied to our emails within 3 days.

They understand the difficult part of immigration and all the emotions we went through. They know exactly what to do, who to contact, and the process of application.

They organized for our children to skype with the people from Brandon University, who explained the different options. Both our children are currently students in South Africa and they helped them to get the courses nearest to what they are doing now.

Lois and Martie helped us through all the steps. They explained exactly what to do next and their paperwork was always done on time . They helped us to apply for the student visas.

Without the help of Kruger Henderson Immigration Services, we wouldn’t have been able to get this done so fast , if ever. They are honest people with a lot of experience, and they just know and understand the process so well. They just walk that extra mile to get things done and they became friends.

I will definitely , and I already have, recommend them to anybody who is thinking of immigrating to Canada.  They have so much knowledge of what they are doing and they already have helped a lot of people to immigrate to Canada successfully.